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Glossify - Builder Gel Kit

Glossify - Builder Gel Kit

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Kit Description

Naturabuild is a range of strong base gels that can be used to increase the natural nail's ability to grow, this allows clients to wear the base as a natural overlay or underneath gel paint for extra strength. There is no need for a primer or base gel, and its strength allows for a short/ medium extension over a tip.

Naturabuild has increased flexibility, meaning your nails are less likely to snap at a healthy length than other nail systems. Depending on the client's needs, Naturabuild can be removed by soaking or infilling. We are delighted to offer training courses in collaboration with Glossify and a range of kits to complement your training.

Kit Contents

Your Glossify Starter Kit Includes:

1x Nail File
1 x Nail Buffer
2 x NaturaBuild
1 x Glossy Top

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